Tournament information
Tournament is open for Athletes from IBF’s member federations
Tournament organizer Joy Station, Sofia – Bulgaria
Tournament name BALKAN CHALLENGE
Centre Joy Station
City Sofia
Federation Bulgaria
First day 17 June 2023
Last day 25 June 2023
Tournament delimitations
Category Open
Event Mixed Singles

Mixed Doubles

Women handicap 8 pins per game
Athletes below 15 years of age 8 pins per game
Max women and athlete under 15 years scratch game 292
Entry fees Presented at the end of the list
Booking restriction before A maximum of three squads can be booked before the tournament starts and maximum one of the bookings can be for squads on Thursday, Friday and one on Saturday
Booking restriction during Maximum two none played entries
Total number of bookings Unlimited
Max women and athlete under 15 years scratch game 292
Booking cancellations Possible
Registration deadline 20 minutes before scheduled squad times
Lane Assignments, Lane Movements and Courtesy
Lane draws By impartial notaries public
Athletes per pair in squads Five
Frequency of movement After every 2 games
Movement method Left lanes move left, right lanes move right
Number of lanes to move Two (2) lanes
Courtesy One (1) lane courtesy
Slow bowling Athletes may be given a warning if bowling too slow by a tournament official or representative of such.