Hotels provided by the organizer
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To make a reservation at the Suite Hotel Sofia use these instructions and follow the steps below:

  • Follow the Link
  • Under the field “Add discount or group code” -> From the Sub menu select the option “Group Attendee” -> enter the code Balkan Challenge 2020 -> Click the “ADD” button
  • You will be displayed a new page that displays the special conditions for the reservations for Name of Group/Event (dates that the code is valid for, method of payment & cancellation policy) -> Pres the button “Select & Go to the next step”
  • On the next step you may select the exact dates of the stay.
  • Press the Button “Update Dates of Stay” -> you will be displayed the options for available room types on the special rates of the event
  • Select the room type you prefer -> click on button “Room Rates” -> to continue with your reservation select on the next step button “Add Room & Check out”
  • On the next screen enter the details of the guest. After all the needed information is filled you may complete the booking by clicking on the “Book Now” button e-mail: