Balkan Challenge 2023

Dear friends and supporters of Balkans Challenge and Sofia International Open, we are glad to share with you the following announcement for our future events. We are glad to officially inform you that the next Balkan Challenge Open will take place, as every year, in Joy Station, Sofia Bulgaria, between 17 – 25 June 2023. You may start planning your travel to Sofia and we will be glad to host you once again at our popular event ! For any questions please feel free to contact us through email, at Moreover, for the international players that are familiar with our tournament partner, Sivissidis Bros sa from Greece, they can also contact directly Sivissidis company on social media or even mr Tassos Sivissidis on his email At this point we would like to announce further news about our events. As independent bowling tournament organizers, with great love for the sport of bowling, we always try to find the best way to promote the sport and help bowlers improve. This is the reason we organize two very successful events (Balkan Challenge and Sofia International), for almost 2 decades now. So, for this year, 2023, we have taken the decision to change the format of Balkan Challenge, so that we can give the chance to individual bowlers compete at a high level and earn more prizes. This year the Balkan Challenge will run take as a Singles and Doubles event and we will increase the prize fund on both divisions ! The team event, which used to take place on last Saturday will not happen, so that we can give the opportunity to the players to have the chance to compete more and win more. In other words, we will pay much higher prizes to individuals… an example, the 1st place for Singles A bowler will be increased from 1800 euro, to 2800 euro ! We hope that you like this news and we will be open for future changes that make bowlers even more happy! At the same time, every year, as tournament organizers we have to deal with the challenging bowling international environment. Due to the recent announcements at the IBF and EBT calendar, and the various federation championships that have been added on the calendar, without any consideration for the individual events, we have to change our agenda in October 2023. So, for this year, in 2023, we will not be able to organize the Sofia International Open, since all the dates that we have been using for so many years now, have suddenly been booked for other events, organized by international federations. Both Joy Station center, Fantastico Group and Sivissidis company will continue support the sport of bowling as they do for so many years now, and we hope to see you soon at our next event !