Hello Balkan Stars! Lets see where we are up to! I would like to inform you about the Balkan stars who have signed up so far in single and team events. The information about doubles, as you know can be confirmed even once you get here so it’s not set yet. Team events – squad 26 is full. We already have 10 teams signed up: 1.SIVISSIDIS SELECT TEAM – GREECE, 2.IDM TEAM – ROMANIA, 3.KORONA- BLAGOEVGRAD, BULGARIA, 4.MEGA FANTASTICO-SOFIA, BULGARIA,5.MEGA JOY-SOFIA, BULGARIA,6.THE REVS-SOFIA BULGARIA,7. TEAM AKADEMIC-SOFIA,BULGARIA, 8.TEAM GREECE and 2 reserved places. In squad 25 there are 2 teams signed up: 1.TEAM SLOVENIATEAM, 2. ATIA- SOFIA BULGARIA. There are 8 available spots for teams left so far. In the case that this squad (25) gets full we will give the teams that wish to sign up a chance to do so in squad 24 on Friday at 21:30 o’clock! Now lets see how many participants we have from each Balkan country that has entered the competition 1. Bosnia and Herzegovina- 1 2. Bulgaria – 47 3. Croatia – 2 4. Greece – 20 5. Romania – 8 6. Slovenia – 11 We are still missing some participants from Serbia,Turkey, Moldova, Kosovo and Cyprus. We sincerely hope that they will honor us by accepting our invitation and that they will join us in this one of a kind adventure! We would like to thank all the contestants who have joined the tournament up until this moment and we sincerely hope that there will be a lot more of you, who would like to join the Balkan tour challenge! We did this entirely for you and we really do hope that you will get the most out of your time here with us and above all have a lot of fun!